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Dating tips for Younger girls with herpes

Finding a romantic dating partner can certainly be very much difficult for a young and beautiful girl who has been affected by herpes virus. Since most of the people in different parts of the world still consider this disease as life threatening, it can be frustrating for college girls to find their dream partner. Below are discussed some of the vital tips that will enable young girls with herpes to find a romantic partner online.

1.Get a list of reputed herpes dating sites
The first and foremost important step is to gain some knowledge about the reputed herpes dating sites on the web. There are many reliable herpes dating sites like Positive singles, and MPWH, etc that help single person with herpes to find their dating partner (Read the reviews of the best herpes dating sites). You should go through the customer reviews of various online dating sites before signing up with a specific one.

2.Create a unique account
The next vital tip is to create a unique account with a specific reputed online dating site. You should share all basic information during the signing up process. Make sure to post your photograph that will certainly enhance your positive aspects. You must firstly enjoy the trial period before considering the paid service.

3.Search for your dating partner
Now it’s time for you to check out various profiles in order to choose your dream dating partner. Try to have a personal conversation with each of the members in order to gain some valuable knowledge about their hobbies, likeness, etc. Make sure not to share your personal phone number until you become aware that he is the only person with whom you wish to build a strong relationship.

4.Try to analyze his behavior
While having a conversation through Email or online chatting, it will certainly be wise for you to analyze his behavior. Make sure to check out how he interacts with you when you ask him various questions related to herpes virus. Make sure to choose a person who respects you and your feelings.

5.Check the customer service
You should also check out the customer service facility of the specific herpes singles dating site. Make sure the staffs of customer support department solve your issues in a polite manner.

6.Upgrade to paid service
If you have found your dream dating partner then make sure to upgrade to paid service in order to enjoy various unique features.

Make sure to date with a person who takes care of you and also respects you. You must also choose a reliable online herpes dating site in order to meet the right person of your choice in a smart way.

Women With Herpes Dating and Support Online

Building Confidence after Testing Positive for Herpes

As a woman, your self esteem is the most vulnerable element of your self-worth. You are faced with too many demands to be perfect.  Testing positive for herpes is the last thing to make this battle any easier.  

For the rest of your life, you are going to have to overcome the many feelings endured with this condition. Guilt. Shame. Sadness. Anxiety. These reactions are normal but they should not last forever. Your emotional health is very important and it is time that you rebuild your self confidence. Lucky for you, we are going to help you do just that. We are going to teach you how to re-build your confidence after you have tested positive for Herpes.

Men vs. Women with genital herpes

  • About 25% of women have genital herpes. That’s one in four.
  • About 20% of men have genital herpes. That’s one in five.
 Women with herpes

Now that you have been diagnosed with Herpes, you have to erase all stigmas associated with having the disease. Educate yourself on this condition. The more you know the more control you have over your life. Part of the anxiety that occurs from having Herpes originates from ignorance. People over exaggerate the experience of this condition. 

You are not going to die. 
Your love life is not over. 
You can still have children. 
People are not staring at you because they know you have herpes. 

Make yourself a little less ignorant so that you can feel more comfortable with your status. Knowledge is your most powerful ally. In this case, knowledge can be powerful enough to help you become more confident.

You can also talk to people. Herpes has existed since the era of Ancient Greece and nearly 16% of the American population has contracted this disease. There are thousands of support groups for people with Herpes. The benefit of it being so common is that you can talk to people who have been through the ups and downs of testing positive. 

In fact, let them inspire you. See how normal and confident they are and use it as an example of happiness after being diagnosed. You can also talk to friends and family. Specially, people who care about you. Talking to loved ones can boost your confidence and make you feel normal. It can also take the weight off your shoulder. Holding secrets is hard and it feels good to not have this secret lingering in your mind.

Your last commitment should be to look at yourself despite your status. Are you still an amazing person? Are you still fun? There are so many elements of your life that dictates your worth. Herpes should not be one of them. Take a look in the mirror and smile. You have so many great qualities to rely on. Yes your dating options are limited but it does not mean that you will never find someone. EVERYONE has limited dating options. In fact, low self-esteem limits your options even more. 

Yes. You have herpes but you have to remember that you are still alive and this is only one hurdle to overcome. Be the star of the room and do not let your status drain the happiness from your life. Confidence is key. Having it is a great way to make the best of a situation.

If you are still single, don't  hesitate to start dating again! or check dating tips for women with herpes.

Sex tips for women with herpes

Many people with herpes are  facing a moral dilemma. They feel confused regarding informing their partners (It is now getting easier to find partners on herpes dating sites). And some of them want to but aren't sure about how to inform at the same time. So, don't over think; Here are a few handy tips:

1) Stay calm and avoid using clumsy words if you're about to tell your partner.
2) Inform them about herpes and how it is actually affecting a huge population.
3) You can possibly share knowledge as to how to avoid transferring herpes even during oral sex and sexual intercourse. You can check out the prevention methods listed at the end of the article.
4) Also, let your partners know about herpes on their own. Let them find the statistics for themselves. This will alleviate the facade associated with herpes.

So now, with this topic covered well, let us move onto the main topic of having sex with genital herpes:

1) Avoid having intercourse during the outbreak and even if you do, use a condom or water based lubricant. Condoms can prevent transfer of any STD whilst water base lubricants reduce friction which can cause outbreaks.
2) Using viral drug valtrex can further reduce chances of transmission.
3) Do not let stress take over your mind. Stress can trigger outbreaks and increase the risk as well.
4) Do not rush into decisions. Take it slow and let your partner have time to relax and unwind.
5) Also, maintain optimal bodily hygiene for this will reduce the risk of outbreaks.

Sex with genital herpes is not difficult but to be on a safer side, you should always avoid sex with genital herpes during outbreaks. As a matter of fact, the transfer rate is obviously higher in case of an outbreak. So, have fun but take a few precautions and have a healthy sex life.

Contrary to a popular belief that people having herpes should abstain from having sex as they're likely to transmit the virus to their partner, adequate medication and precautions certainly does eliminate the chances of spreading the virus. You can continue to have a healthy sex life with your partner as long as you continue to follow the aforementioned tips.

Herpes dating sites for women with herpes

So, you may have read our last article on the benefits of using websites or apps to find other herpes singles—and from it, you’ve decided to try one out for yourself. But how do you know which website will work for you? How will you know what websites offer what services? And how will you know which will work the BEST for you specifically?

In this article we have put together a few websites, and have organized them based on their key functions. This way, you can decide for yourself which one you would prefer to use! Great, right?
Let’s get started:

This is one of the most common websites referred to people with STDs in general. It is a website that brings together people who have various STDs, and it even has an app!

*Sign-up: The sign up process is quick, easy, and free! The entire process is free, unless you decide that you want extra features, and THEN you can purchase those. It asks you for your gender, sexual preference, age, age range of dating preferred, your STD, etc, and then finds people similar to you!

*Security: This website takes care of fake profiles. It tracks the IP address of it’s user, and if there is any indication that the profile is fake, it is deleted. No need to worry about fake people contacting you!

* Chat & Date now: There is a big chatroom available on the app, in which anyone can talk with millions of people at once! At any time of the day! There is also a feature on the app that lets you decide to find people who want to go out now or ASAP. Learn more about

MPWH is one of the oldest dating websites for singles with herpes. As the name implies, it is only for people who have herpes. So if you are looking for an understanding, judgement-free website—then this is the place for you!

*Cheap Gold Membership: The gold membership can be as low as $30 per month! If you want to make the best of your experience, for a cheap price, then you should go here!

*Judgement-free: As stated before, this is a herpes-only website. This promotes a supportive environment where everyone understands your STD because they all have it too!

*Free: This is a totally free herpes dating website! Yeah, free! Don’t worry about paying random fees here and there just to get the service that you should deserve on a dating website! Don’t worry about not being able to contact someone you’re interested in without pushing in some cash!

*Quick-search: There is a search option that lets you find specific people in a short amount of time. Do you want to find someone near you? With this search engine, that can happen in just seconds!

Everyone has a different experience with each herpes dating site. As every person is unique, so is every website. This article was designed with the intention of giving YOU the information you need to make a informed choice for yourself! Hopefully one of these sites calls to you, and you can get started!

Disclosure and Having Herpes: When, Who and How?

After you have tested positive for Herpes, you will have to determine whether or not to share this news with other people.

At first, it can be difficult. Undesirable news can result in negative reactions and possible rejection. But there is also a chance of respect and appreciation towards the honesty and trust displayed by your disclosure. Both reactions are very possible and both reactions have been felt by the herpes community. While the latter is more ideal, the potential of a negative reaction shouldn’t deter you from being honest and disclosing your status.

Who has the right to know?

It is essential that you talk to your past and present sexual partners. The goal of disclosure is to prevent the spread of Herpes to other people. Even if there is a mutual dislike for an ex, everyone deserves to know that they were exposed to Herpes.

Partner notification can be done through several means.

You can have an open discussion with those that receive the news. We especially recommend being honest with your current partner. Not only does it build trust but it also protects them from further transmission.

If you want to be anonymous then you can ask your health care provider to send a notification to all of your sexual partners. You can also send an anonymous e-card. Both options will anonymously notify them of this exposure and give them the proper resources to get tested and prevent transmission to potential sexual partners.

When should I disclose this information?

Timing can depend on who you are telling. If you’re telling someone who is a past or current sexual partner then they should be notified immediately. On the other hand, you don’t have to disclose this information to every single person you date. Disclosure is only significant when sexual activity is involved or there is a possibility of transmission through skin to skin contact. (E.g. kissing)

The sooner you tell your partner, the more control they have over their sexual health.

How should I disclose this information?

We recommend that you start the disclosure with knowledge. Educate yourself. Learn as much as you can about herpes. Ask your health care provider, read CDC herpes information, or talk to a support group. The more you know the more comfortable you will be about disclosing this information.

This also can help reduce the chances of a negative reaction. Part of that reaction derives from ignorance and over exaggeration of the facts. Your knowledge can reduce anxiety and build trust.

While this is a confession, it is also an opportunity to advance your relationship. It gives you an opportunity to highlight the other qualities that are much more important than the disclosure of your positive status. Be positive and offer the facts.

The most important step toward disclosure is preparation. There are a variety of outcomes can occur after you’ve disclosed this information to your partner. It is possible that they will be shocked. It is also possible that they will reject you. Don’t let this reaction hurt your self esteem. You are still a wonderful person who deserves to find that special person.

No matter the outcome, take pride in your bravery and keep your held high.

If you are still single, please consider herpes dating site:

Having Herpes as a Lesbian

It is unbelievable the lack of sexual health advice geared toward lesbians. All women face the risk of sexual health problems yet most of the advice is displayed through a heterosexual or gay perspective.
Sexuality is an important social issue and we want to advance this movement by providing you with the proper advice on how to protect your partner if you have tested positive for herpes.


The most important step is to tell your partner about your status. Communication can prevent transmission and it gives your partner control over their sexual health. Advise them to seek testing and guide them through the results.

If you hesitate to follow this step you may suffer dire consequences. Think about the repercussions from denying your partner their right to know about the risks involved when sexually active with you. There’s a good chance they will feel betrayed and hurt. Disclosure can result in protection and build trust between you and your partner.


Herpes are significant in the context of skin to skin interaction which means that it doesn’t discriminate against particular sexualities. It is very common in the heterosexual community but it is very possible when a woman is in a relationship with another woman. It is important that you know how to prevent the transmission of this condition.

To be honest, most people will deter from sexual activity when sores are involved but the goal is to prevent exposure whether it is active, experiencing viral shedding or without sores.

You’re best means of prevention is practicing safe sex, all the time. You key technique is to place a barrier between your skin and your partner’s skin. Items such as dental dams, female condoms and non-microwavable saran wraps are great barriers to prevent transmission. You should also protect items that involve penetration such as fingers and sex toys. You can easily use latex gloves and/or condoms as a means to protect penetrable items.

A lot of people seek medications. If you contact your health care provider, they will give you the proper medications to decrease the length and occurrence of outbreaks. We do recommend that you continue to practice safe sex even when you don’t have an active outbreak. The safer the better.

Be Smart

Intoxication is one of the most common reasons why a person is negligent toward their sexual health. Drinking alcohol and ingesting certain narcotics can cloud your responsibility meter and lead to bad decision making. If you are drinking or ingesting a mind altering narcotic, always be aware of your sexual health. Have the proper prevention measures accessible in the case that you are intoxicated and try to be conscious of the need for safe sex as you engage in sexual activity.

Last, make sure that you are educated about your condition. The more you know the safer you will be. It is insane how often transmission occurs because of ignorance. It’s in the best interest of you and your partner, to be knowledgeable on any risks token as you engage in sexual activity. That starts and ends with knowledge.

If you are still single, please consider join a herpes dating site or lesbian dating site: