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Building Confidence after Testing Positive for Herpes

As a woman, your self esteem is the most vulnerable element of your self-worth. You are faced with too many demands to be perfect.  Testing positive for herpes is the last thing to make this battle any easier.  

For the rest of your life, you are going to have to overcome the many feelings endured with this condition. Guilt. Shame. Sadness. Anxiety. These reactions are normal but they should not last forever. Your emotional health is very important and it is time that you rebuild your self confidence. Lucky for you, we are going to help you do just that. We are going to teach you how to re-build your confidence after you have tested positive for Herpes.

Men vs. Women with genital herpes

  • About 25% of women have genital herpes. That’s one in four.
  • About 20% of men have genital herpes. That’s one in five.
 Women with herpes

Now that you have been diagnosed with Herpes, you have to erase all stigmas associated with having the disease. Educate yourself on this condition. The more you know the more control you have over your life. Part of the anxiety that occurs from having Herpes originates from ignorance. People over exaggerate the experience of this condition. 

You are not going to die. 
Your love life is not over. 
You can still have children. 
People are not staring at you because they know you have herpes. 

Make yourself a little less ignorant so that you can feel more comfortable with your status. Knowledge is your most powerful ally. In this case, knowledge can be powerful enough to help you become more confident.

You can also talk to people. Herpes has existed since the era of Ancient Greece and nearly 16% of the American population has contracted this disease. There are thousands of support groups for people with Herpes. The benefit of it being so common is that you can talk to people who have been through the ups and downs of testing positive. 

In fact, let them inspire you. See how normal and confident they are and use it as an example of happiness after being diagnosed. You can also talk to friends and family. Specially, people who care about you. Talking to loved ones can boost your confidence and make you feel normal. It can also take the weight off your shoulder. Holding secrets is hard and it feels good to not have this secret lingering in your mind.

Your last commitment should be to look at yourself despite your status. Are you still an amazing person? Are you still fun? There are so many elements of your life that dictates your worth. Herpes should not be one of them. Take a look in the mirror and smile. You have so many great qualities to rely on. Yes your dating options are limited but it does not mean that you will never find someone. EVERYONE has limited dating options. In fact, low self-esteem limits your options even more. 

Yes. You have herpes but you have to remember that you are still alive and this is only one hurdle to overcome. Be the star of the room and do not let your status drain the happiness from your life. Confidence is key. Having it is a great way to make the best of a situation.

If you are still single, don't  hesitate to start dating again! or check dating tips for women with herpes.