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Sex tips for women with herpes

Many people with herpes are  facing a moral dilemma. They feel confused regarding informing their partners (It is now getting easier to find partners on herpes dating sites). And some of them want to but aren't sure about how to inform at the same time. So, don't over think; Here are a few handy tips:

1) Stay calm and avoid using clumsy words if you're about to tell your partner.
2) Inform them about herpes and how it is actually affecting a huge population.
3) You can possibly share knowledge as to how to avoid transferring herpes even during oral sex and sexual intercourse. You can check out the prevention methods listed at the end of the article.
4) Also, let your partners know about herpes on their own. Let them find the statistics for themselves. This will alleviate the facade associated with herpes.

So now, with this topic covered well, let us move onto the main topic of having sex with genital herpes:

1) Avoid having intercourse during the outbreak and even if you do, use a condom or water based lubricant. Condoms can prevent transfer of any STD whilst water base lubricants reduce friction which can cause outbreaks.
2) Using viral drug valtrex can further reduce chances of transmission.
3) Do not let stress take over your mind. Stress can trigger outbreaks and increase the risk as well.
4) Do not rush into decisions. Take it slow and let your partner have time to relax and unwind.
5) Also, maintain optimal bodily hygiene for this will reduce the risk of outbreaks.

Sex with genital herpes is not difficult but to be on a safer side, you should always avoid sex with genital herpes during outbreaks. As a matter of fact, the transfer rate is obviously higher in case of an outbreak. So, have fun but take a few precautions and have a healthy sex life.

Contrary to a popular belief that people having herpes should abstain from having sex as they're likely to transmit the virus to their partner, adequate medication and precautions certainly does eliminate the chances of spreading the virus. You can continue to have a healthy sex life with your partner as long as you continue to follow the aforementioned tips.