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Herpes dating sites for women with herpes

So, you may have read our last article on the benefits of using websites or apps to find other herpes singles—and from it, you’ve decided to try one out for yourself. But how do you know which website will work for you? How will you know what websites offer what services? And how will you know which will work the BEST for you specifically?

In this article we have put together a few websites, and have organized them based on their key functions. This way, you can decide for yourself which one you would prefer to use! Great, right?
Let’s get started:

This is one of the most common websites referred to people with STDs in general. It is a website that brings together people who have various STDs, and it even has an app!

*Sign-up: The sign up process is quick, easy, and free! The entire process is free, unless you decide that you want extra features, and THEN you can purchase those. It asks you for your gender, sexual preference, age, age range of dating preferred, your STD, etc, and then finds people similar to you!

*Security: This website takes care of fake profiles. It tracks the IP address of it’s user, and if there is any indication that the profile is fake, it is deleted. No need to worry about fake people contacting you!

* Chat & Date now: There is a big chatroom available on the app, in which anyone can talk with millions of people at once! At any time of the day! There is also a feature on the app that lets you decide to find people who want to go out now or ASAP. Learn more about

MPWH is one of the oldest dating websites for singles with herpes. As the name implies, it is only for people who have herpes. So if you are looking for an understanding, judgement-free website—then this is the place for you!

*Cheap Gold Membership: The gold membership can be as low as $30 per month! If you want to make the best of your experience, for a cheap price, then you should go here!

*Judgement-free: As stated before, this is a herpes-only website. This promotes a supportive environment where everyone understands your STD because they all have it too!

*Free: This is a totally free herpes dating website! Yeah, free! Don’t worry about paying random fees here and there just to get the service that you should deserve on a dating website! Don’t worry about not being able to contact someone you’re interested in without pushing in some cash!

*Quick-search: There is a search option that lets you find specific people in a short amount of time. Do you want to find someone near you? With this search engine, that can happen in just seconds!

Everyone has a different experience with each herpes dating site. As every person is unique, so is every website. This article was designed with the intention of giving YOU the information you need to make a informed choice for yourself! Hopefully one of these sites calls to you, and you can get started!