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Having Herpes as a Lesbian

It is unbelievable the lack of sexual health advice geared toward lesbians. All women face the risk of sexual health problems yet most of the advice is displayed through a heterosexual or gay perspective.
Sexuality is an important social issue and we want to advance this movement by providing you with the proper advice on how to protect your partner if you have tested positive for herpes.


The most important step is to tell your partner about your status. Communication can prevent transmission and it gives your partner control over their sexual health. Advise them to seek testing and guide them through the results.

If you hesitate to follow this step you may suffer dire consequences. Think about the repercussions from denying your partner their right to know about the risks involved when sexually active with you. There’s a good chance they will feel betrayed and hurt. Disclosure can result in protection and build trust between you and your partner.


Herpes are significant in the context of skin to skin interaction which means that it doesn’t discriminate against particular sexualities. It is very common in the heterosexual community but it is very possible when a woman is in a relationship with another woman. It is important that you know how to prevent the transmission of this condition.

To be honest, most people will deter from sexual activity when sores are involved but the goal is to prevent exposure whether it is active, experiencing viral shedding or without sores.

You’re best means of prevention is practicing safe sex, all the time. You key technique is to place a barrier between your skin and your partner’s skin. Items such as dental dams, female condoms and non-microwavable saran wraps are great barriers to prevent transmission. You should also protect items that involve penetration such as fingers and sex toys. You can easily use latex gloves and/or condoms as a means to protect penetrable items.

A lot of people seek medications. If you contact your health care provider, they will give you the proper medications to decrease the length and occurrence of outbreaks. We do recommend that you continue to practice safe sex even when you don’t have an active outbreak. The safer the better.

Be Smart

Intoxication is one of the most common reasons why a person is negligent toward their sexual health. Drinking alcohol and ingesting certain narcotics can cloud your responsibility meter and lead to bad decision making. If you are drinking or ingesting a mind altering narcotic, always be aware of your sexual health. Have the proper prevention measures accessible in the case that you are intoxicated and try to be conscious of the need for safe sex as you engage in sexual activity.

Last, make sure that you are educated about your condition. The more you know the safer you will be. It is insane how often transmission occurs because of ignorance. It’s in the best interest of you and your partner, to be knowledgeable on any risks token as you engage in sexual activity. That starts and ends with knowledge.

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